How are Online ACCA Course Modules Structured?

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ACCA is recognized worldwide for its ability for its ability to establish a solid foundation for both students and professionals to follow a rewarding career in the accounting field.

The internationally recognized qualification will allow you to become a member of the world accounting body that consists of chartered certified accountants. Be one of over 180 countries.

In this blog we will go over how important it is to study ACCA courses and the reasons why you must be aware of the structure of the exam the registration process, as well as your career options once you’ve passed the exam.

What exactly is the definition of an ACCA course?

The chartered accountants certified by the ACCA property classes that are offered in London are a hit with students from all over the world for the current, relevant, and industry-specific curriculum and a reputable qualifications.

You may be able to apply to take an ACCA course through an online method of learning and get to know about the exam plan and the tips and tricks to help you achieve the highest scores on your initial goal.

What exactly does the ACCA course structure look like?

If you take an ACCA online course, you will be taught to try and pass 13 tests.

You’ll be able to experience real-time learning during the course. When when you’ve completed the program, you will be equipped with the required knowledge and abilities needed to achieve good grades.

Let’s look at the various levels in the course’s outcome can be divided:

Knowledge level
  • Technology and business
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial accounting
Applied skills level
  • Management of performance
  • Business law and corporate law
  • Taxation
  • Financial management
  • Audit and assurance
  • Financial reporting

Professional level of strategic planning


  • Strategic business reporting
  • Strategic business leader
  • Advanced financial management
  • Advanced performance management
  • Advanced taxation
  • Advance auditing and assurance

The Ethics and Professional Skills module

In this course students will be taught to acquire a variety of abilities that are desired by employers across the globe.

We are certain that exposing you to the highest degree of professionalism and ethical capabilities will help them better able to handle real business scenarios and will prepare you to establish credibility within the workplace with a polished resume that employers love!

Practical training in accounting

This part of the module is focused on the most important goals of performance and the relevant experiences that candidates must obtain to become an ACCA member.

Career opportunities that you are able to apply for once you have completed an ACCA course.

The comprehensive approach to the course of study that is offered in the UK will prepare you to apply a variety of rules when you must apply strategic problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

The most most lucrative job descriptions that ACCA hopefuls can keep an focus on are:*

  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Risk manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Officers responsible for compliance or governance
  • Manager of credit control
  • Tax accountant
  • Group accountant
  • Internal auditor
  • Insolvency practitioners
  • Foreign sick accountant
  • Manager of the Funds
  • Analyst in business
  • Treasures
  • Business consultant
  • Accounting for management

Making sure you are prepared to pass your ACCA exam is a fantastic opportunity to establish a strong career in accounting and finance and allowing you to prepare for ACCA examinations prior to having graduated from high school or earned your undergraduate degree. Apply now!

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