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The introduction of the internet within companies for different reasons has had many benefits. However, this has also led to an issue that is common to Internet users and these companies all over the world. The issue is called cybercrime.

Cybercrime refers to the use of technology on the internet to commit criminal acts. Cybercrime can be defined as malicious attacks like data breaches, or malware.

The rate of cybercrime has dramatically increased. In the year 2019 eighty percent of businesses were targeted with spear-phishing. In the year 2020, the incidence of cybercrime was up by 600 percent. The dramatic increase of 600% is due to the shift to online work for the majority of people affected by the COVID-19 virus.

The drastic rise in the rate of cybercrime has created a demand for cybersecurity specialists. Cybersecurity experts are experts in many areas. These include ethical hacking defense engineering, network security and so on.

In this article we’ll take a deeper review of cybersecurity as a profession:

1. Cybersecurity Careers

The term”cybersecurity” is commonly employed without specific details about it. The term cybersecurity covers a wide subject which includes jobs that seek to enhance the organization’s information or data security. This article will examine the top five cybersecurity-related jobs that businesses require.

2. Security Software Engineer

Engineers from security are included in the process of developing software. Security software engineers develop specific security software and then incorporate it into commercial applications.

They are also able to be consulted to enhance an existing software’s security. They accomplish this by analysing the security software already in place and enhancing it.

The duties assigned the security engineers may be different based on the organization’s scale. In companies that are well-developed an engineer in security is in charge of an entire team of cybersecurity experts. Security software engineers work together with the team in developing cybersecurity software.

In a medium-sized firm engineers in the field of security works with the IT staff of the business. They will collaborate in the development of the security software needed. In small companies however engineers working on security can create the security software with out an assistance from a security team.

The median annual pay for an engineer working in security software in the USA is $129,812. The hourly average salary for security software engineers is $35.

3. Network Security Engineer

The job of security engineers for networks is to integrate security measures within the network of a company. They employ features like firewalls and encryption solutions, VPNs, proxies, etc. The most frequently used services include VPNs, high-speed proxies and firewalls for monitoring traffic.

The engineer in charge of network security is also responsible for automating security features , such as intrusion detection. Security engineers in the network also manage maintenance on network devices like switch and hubs.

Another important function of the security engineer for networks is to constantly review a company’s overall security strategy. They make sure that security measures are up-to current to protect the system from new techniques of attack and malware.

The annual average pay for a security professional in USA averages $115,949.

4. Cybersecurity Analyst

The cybersecurity analyst studies computers to ensure they are protected always. The cybersecurity analyst is aware of the latest attack techniques employed by cyber terrorists. They also upgrade to ensure the safety of the computer system to ensure that it is protected.

Analysts in cybersecurity are also charged with studying the security requirements of any new as well as existing system. Analysts in cybersecurity plan the introduction of new security systems. They do not consider the integration of these mechanisms in computing systems.

The cybersecurity analyst works alongside the network security engineer. They provide more information on new attacks and ways to prevent them.

Cybersecurity analysts are also responsible of conducting security and risk assessments for systems. They accomplish this by forming an organization that continuously checks access to the system and maintains the logs of all processes running on the system. This allows them to easily detect vulnerabilities and then put in the correct patches.

Another job that the analyst in cybersecurity has is arrange and conduct security awareness training for employees of the company. Security awareness training is the process of educating employees about possible methods of attack and how they can prevent attacks from occurring.

The median annual pay for cybersecurity professionals in the USA is $103,590.

5. Source Code Auditor

Security vulnerabilities typically originate in the code that makes up the systems. This is where auditors of source code are in. They collaborate with system designers to review the system’s code to find weaknesses.

Source code auditors detect weaknesses and provide solutions. This ensures that all attacks have been patched and identified. Patching and early detection of system vulnerabilities can avoid significant losses for the business or organization.

Source code auditors are often employed as consultants for businesses that employ them. Source Auditors must be knowledgeable about computer forensics, networks, cryptography, and security of databases.

The median annual income to Auditors of Source Code in the USA is $70,760.

6. Cybersecurity Incident Responder

Cybersecurity incident responders deploy security and system intrusion detection for networks. They work in conjunction with the security engineers of networks to monitor networks. They also oversee the security of the computer system in all times.

The primary function of the incident responders is to respond in the event that an alarm alarm is activated. When a network intrusion alarm occurs, they may choose from a range of actions to mitigate the harm or completely avoid the risk. In the event of a crisis it could end up closing down or destroying the network in order to ensure that the data of an organization is safe.

The average annual pay of a cybersecurity incident responseer within the USA is $110,972.


Cybersecurity jobs pay well that draw many people to them. The thing that many people overlook is the length of time required to master and master various cybersecurity tasks.

The majority of job opportunities for cybersecurity professionals do not require an undergraduate degree or a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, IT, or any other field that is related. They also look for professional certificates to prove that the applicant is proficient across a range of areas.

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